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Shoot Me Films

Shoot Me Films began in 1996 with Jared Foster who had the vision to break out of the slow-mo mold and create truly entertaining wedding videos. His quality and understanding for a great film evolved from his life-long passion of filmmaking and his schooling in Scottsdale. In 2005, Nathan and Lucinda Foster bought the business from their brother, allowing him to move forward in search of new experience in film.

Since 2005, Nathan and Lucinda have discovered a talent, love, and appreciation for filming weddings specifically. Our passion is creating wedding videos that are modern and energetic, yet still deeply romantic. No matter the grandeur, budget, or amount of time recorded of a wedding, our goal is to find the beauty, the fun, and the unique, and express that story in a moving way. Through these efforts, Shoot Me Films has claimed two Creative Excellence Awards (with only a few submissions) from WEVA, an international videographers association. We have also received Best of Weddings 2010 from The Knot.

While we are always focused on creativity both in filming and editing, we also recognize the importance of professionalism. We know how precious your wedding day is so we provide back-up equipment and qualified videographers. We also understand the importance of providing proper lighting, audio and filming techniques.

We love what we do and are fulfilled by our clients' ecstatic and genuine satisfaction. We hope we can provide our services to you as well on this tremendous and beautiful day of your life.

About The Fosters

We thought it would be fun to share a little about us. We were married in 2001 in San Diego and are so grateful we have a fun wedding video to relive that incredible day. We met through a mutual friend in Nathan's backyard where he was teaching 40's swing dancing, and hosting sand volleyball biweekly during the summer of 2000. To this day, we still live for adventure by filling life with fun things to do. Our favorites include California beach trips, snowboarding, writing and playing music, enjoying leisure drives, taking our little one to the park, and exercising through a variety of sports.

"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage..." If only it was that simple for us! It took 9 years and a lot of treatments for us to finally have a little baby boy in our arms and he means the world to us. He arrived through a lot of adversity, including the farewell of Lucinda's mom through a two-year battle with cancer. He truly is our Little Miracle and fills our lives with sweetness, giggles, and new daily adventures. The top video on the right is a tribute to him on his first birthday. We love you Sam!

Since we bought Shoot Me Films in 2005, we have discovered just how amazing video can be. As time moves on, our favorite videos become the senseless ones of just rolling the camera during a usual day. It's almost mesmerizing to see each other and our families living life as they were. We recommend to everyone to keep their own little stash of memories. It is so worth it!

On the right you'll see the ever-growing product of our goal to create a healthy home video library. The greatest joys in life can come from your own family and this is our effort to remember those moments and create new ones as well. Someday we hope to get through our dozens of tapes of random home video footage. It'll be fun seeing whatever we come up with! It's our goal to make one family video "trailer" a year. It's been fun so far and we already treasure the ones we've made.

It's been fun sharing a bit about who we are. We hope we've inspired you to document more of your lives for yourselves, your children, and generations beyond. You'll be so happy you did!

Thanks for your interest in our company and ourselves. We hope to hear from you soon!

Our "Christmas Card" for 2012.

Our "Christmas Card" for 2011.

Our "Christmas Card" for 2010.

Our first family video ever! A day at the park with our cute baby.

A gift compiling 5 years and 2 states of snowboarding together.