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Wedding Videography Packages

We only accept a limited amount of weddings per year to maintain the value we provide our clients. The best way we can help you is by setting up an appointment to discuss the unique details of your wedding. Contact us early so we can accommodate you.

Our packages are customized. We focus on what it is you want and personalize a package that actually represents what you need. Don't worry, we don't expect you to know everything about videography and we will help you discover what matters and what doesn't. When we finish our appointment, you will know exactly what you're interested in and if we're a good match you won't have to keep looking.

Wedding services we provide:

  • 1-2 videographers with experience since 2005 with Shoot Me Films filmed in HD quality with professional lighting and wireless mics.
  • The wedding film highlight is our most popular service that our clients and their family and friends rave about.  Our highlights let you relive your wedding in ways worth experiencing.  See for yourself.
  • The wedding documentary will show you all the main events during your wedding day.
  • You choose the music, which will be edited in a way that allows more variety in your highlight.  Our expert editing splices songs to match your footage in the most meaningful way possible.
  • Custom chapter markers allow convenient navigation of events (no fast-forwarding needed).
  • You’ll receive DVDs of your wedding film highlight and wedding documentary for sharing with future generations.  Available in custom cases or jewel cases.
  • Raw footage on DVD.
  • Raw footage in digital format: We will provide you an external hard drive containing your unedited wedding footage.  This digital HD format is the same format we use in the editing process.  It allows the ultimate backup in highest quality.  If you ever want to edit your own segments, this is what you’ll need.
  • Custom DVD cases are made with images from your wedding on the front and back cover.  The same thing applies to the DVD label.
  • DVD menus are also customized to your wedding and allow you to choose between your features.
  • Same Day Edit:  An emotionally packed highlight presented during your reception dinner to entertain your guests.  Add it to your wedding DVD, share it on Facebook, and give your guests something amazing to talk about.
  • Music Video:  For outgoing or American Idol wanna-be’s, lip sync to your favorite song in your preferred location.  Use this to entertain your guests during your reception dinner, add it to your wedding DVD, and share it on Facebook.  For those wanting a unique way to express yourself, this will cause a reaction like no other!
  • Love Story:  We all have a story.  Documenting yours is important for you and posterity.  This can be done in many ways – fun, romantic, silly, sweet, classic, or artistic – in other words, it will match your personalities.  Again, use this to entertain your guests during your reception dinner, add it to your wedding DVD, and share it on Facebook.
  • Announcement DVD or Email:  Use video to announce your engagement in whatever fun way you can imagine.  It’s a unique “Save the Date” format.
  • Credit Reel:  The cinematic way to end your wedding highlight.  This will show more amazing shots from the day while introducing yourselves, honored guests, bridal party, and vendors.  It’s the perfect way to remember the people and plans that made up your day.
  • Blooper Reel:  Spontaneous and planned funny moments edited for some good laughs. This can be added to your wedding DVD and shared on Facebook.
  • Wedding Trailer:  Within 2 weeks after your wedding you will receive this cinematic sneak-peak to share through Facebook or email while you wait the 3 months for your DVDs.  This is a must if you know you’ll be antsy.
  • Photo Montage:  A great way to document your lives growing up and coming together.  Also can be used to document your honeymoon.  Includes titles and 100 pictures put into motion to the music of your choice.  Use this to entertain your guests during your reception dinner, add it to your wedding DVD, and share it on Facebook.
  • Party Favor DVD:  A DVD of all the features shown during the reception to hand out to your guests as a gift at the end of the night or with your thank you cards.